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Our company has vast experience in providing backend development services for various projects, such as websites, web applications, and software. Our teams are committed to delivering top-notch backend development services by utilizing the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies available in the market.

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Laravel Web Development Service

We offer cutting-edge solution PHP laravel web development services that can help you create high-quality websites and web applications that meet your business needs. Our experienced developers use the latest tools and technologies to deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

Choose Enacton’s Laravel web development service to leverage the capabilities of this popular PHP framework and create a customized web application that aligns with your business goals and provides an exceptional user experience.

  • Laravel Web Development
  • CodeIgniter Web Development
  • CakePHP Web Development
  • Symfony Web Development
  • Yii Web Development
  • Zend Web Development
Python Web Development Service

Python Development Service

EnactOn is a leading Python development company that offers comprehensive web development services to clients worldwide. With a team of experienced developers and cutting-edge technologies, We can deliver high-quality and scalable web solutions that meet your business needs. Our team of developers has expertise in various Python frameworks such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, and more.

Choose our Python web development service to harness the power of this versatile programming language and create a customized web application that meets your business objectives while delivering a seamless user experience.

  • Django
  • Flask
  • CheeryPy
  • TurboGears
  • Pyramid
  • Tornado
  • Pylons
  • Bottle

Node.js Development Service

EnactOn is a leading provider of Node.js development services, helping businesses stay ahead of their competitors by developing secure, fast, and real-time server-side applications. With a team of experienced Node.js developers, EnactOn delivers feature-rich, scalable, and high-performance solutions that help businesses achieve their goals.

Choose our Node.js development service to harness the power of this lightweight and efficient JavaScript runtime and create a customized web application that meets your business objectives while delivering a seamless user experience.

  • Node.js API development
  • Node.js-based CMS development
  • chat application development
  • Gaming application development
  • Node.js performance optimization
  • serverless application development

Golang Development Service

EnactOn is a trusted Golang Development Company with a team of experienced developers who possess in-depth knowledge of the Google Go language. We adopt a methodical approach to build cloud-based infrastructure applications and streamline software development. Our expertise also extends to building top-quality enterprise apps and providing software and web-based projects to businesses of all sizes.

Choose our Golang development service to harness the power of this efficient and concurrent programming language and create a customized web application that meets your business objectives while delivering exceptional performance and scalability.

  • Golang API development and integration
  • Golang cloud-based application development
  • Custom Golang web application development
  • Golang maintenance and support services
  • Golang Consulting and strategy services
  • Golang migration and upgradation services

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Why Choose EnactOn As A Backend Development Services Company?

“Variety of web backend development services to support and partner your apps.”

Backend development combines a variety of programming languages, database management systems, and various development processes and functions. It consists of a multitude of activities that facilitate the structuring of custom solutions, essential for building software and web applications.

We offer expert project and content management services.

We follow a test-driven and behavior-driven development approach.

We provide tailored REST API services and solutions.

We specialize in Interactive & user-friendly applications & software products.

Our team of web & app developers has vast experience in different backend technologies.


Some popular backend technologies currently in use include Node.js, Python with Django, Ruby on Rails, and PHP with Laravel.

Several programming languages are commonly used for backend development, including:

– Java
– Python
– Ruby
– Node.js (JavaScript)
– Go
The choice of programming language depends on the specific needs of the project, the skillset of the development team, and other factors such as performance, scalability, and security.

Backend technologies handle scalability and performance through various techniques such as load balancing, caching, horizontal scaling, database optimization, and efficient code architecture. These technologies are designed to handle high traffic volumes, optimize resource usage, and ensure smooth performance as the application scales.

Backend technologies handle user authentication and authorization by implementing secure authentication protocols such as OAuth, JWT (JSON Web Tokens), or session-based authentication. They also utilize encryption techniques to store and transmit sensitive user data securely. Authorization is typically managed through role-based access control (RBAC) or access control lists (ACLs), where permissions are granted based on user roles or specific privileges assigned to individual users.

It is the backend developer’s responsibility to develop and maintain web or mobile applications on the server side. They work with programming languages and technologies that interact with the server, such as databases, server-side frameworks, and APIs. Backend developers also collaborate with frontend developers to ensure that the application functions properly and delivers a seamless user experience.

A web API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols and standards that enable communication between different software applications. In web development, APIs are commonly used to connect the frontend of a web application with its backend. Web APIs allow developers to access and manipulate data stored on a server, enabling them to create dynamic and interactive web applications.

Backend and frontend are connected through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The frontend of a web application is responsible for presenting the user interface and handling user input, while the backend is responsible for processing and managing data. APIs provide a way for the frontend and backend to communicate with each other, allowing the frontend to send requests to the backend for data or functionality, and the backend to respond with the requested information.

Enacton technology is a reputable company with experience in providing high-quality backend development services for various businesses. Their team of skilled developers has a deep knowledge and extensive experience in a wide range of programming languages and technologies. With the latest methodologies, such as Agile/Scrum, DevOps, and Test Automation, they deliver high-performance backend solutions.

To test code quality, developers use various tools and techniques such as:

Unit testing: writing automated tests to ensure individual components of the code work correctly.
Integration testing: testing how different components of the code work together.
Code reviews: having other developers review code for quality and potential bugs.
Code analysis tools: using software tools to analyze code and identify potential issues.
Performance testing: testing the speed and responsiveness of the application under different conditions.

The timeline for completing a project depends on various factors such as the size of the project, the complexity of the functionality, the skillset of the development team, and other factors. Typically, a project timeline is discussed and agreed upon between the backend development team and the client at the start of the project.

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