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EnactOn is an affiliate business-specific software solutions provider company. We help entrepreneurs start-up, maintain, sustain, grow and flourish their affiliate business through cutting-edge technologies.

EnactOn is the only global company specializing in end-to-end affiliate industry-specific businesses. We are a product-based company with solutions for websites, apps, browser extensions, and SaaS platforms to cater entire affiliate business lifecycle.


Affiliate Business Solutions

EnactOn is a product-based company providing premade software solutions. We also offer services from the (software as a service) SaaS platforms to auto-pilot affiliate business operations. We provide branding, design, development services to the affiliate industries

EnactOn takes the pride in consistently providing high value to all involved stakeholders including our customers from across the globe. Our approach of creating a business first software solution has been evident for many of our customers’ success stories. Since 2013 we have been helping an early-stage startup to large size enterprises reimagine their business by building impactful digital engineering solutions powered by the latest technologies.

We undertake extensive market research to create powerful affiliate business software. We also provide services with our in-house SaaS solutions to sustain the business at a very economical burn rate. We are determined to continue our journey of building impactful software that creates rewarding results for all associated with the affiliate industry.


EnactOn Units

Software Business Solutions

Based on the extensive market research, we develop the best business affiliate software including the website, app and browser extension for coupon, cashback, price comparison, and discovery shopping.

Software as a Service

An automated coupon content distribution platform, providing a robust coupon API & discount data feed to leading news media, coupon websites, industry-leading blogs, cashback websites.

Global SaaS Platform

Robust affiliate coupon data feed for the global customers to autopilot their affiliate business. Now fly high with our proprietor tools and eliminating all leakages and inefficiencies from your business operations.
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A platform to raise Extra Funds

Enable fundraisers and charities to raise money for free with our unique business solution. With this product, we are aiming to positively impact the world in doing more good work. Track the donation raised by dashboard.

Influencer’s Fundraising Platform

These days a lot of people are selflessly contributing to improving & influencing the lives of millions of people. With Gratisly, people can fund the selfless creators by donating money without actually paying for it.
Coming soon

Shopping Haat
Urban Shopping Platform

One stop shop in tier 3 and tier 5 regions to sell products / services available online. Offer best price to customers using available discount codes. Get all the assistance on establishing
franchisee to everyday online shopping.
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Business Philosophy

We believe in doing one thing at a time. A thing that we can do in a much better way than the rest of the world.


We shall strive to develop the most practical, efficient, and value-driven affiliate business software solutions, Software as service platforms, and end products that are impactful, highly automated, and affordable for all.


To create, enhance & innovate the value proposition for global customers by exploring existing and emerging affiliate business opportunities.


We really value smart people who have a strong, innate desire to make an impact, who constantly search for clever ways to make things better, and who step up to solve problems (even those they don’t own). Our open culture, flat organizational structure, and conducive environment empower our team to make a difference.


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