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Started in 2013, EnactOn Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the best software development companies in Surat, India.

We provide website, mobile app, and browser extension development to various industries. Our specialization in affiliate industries helped position us as one of the leading business software development companies in the world.

EnactOn takes great satisfaction in continually delivering excellent value to all stakeholders, especially our global customers.

EnactOn is a team of passionate people, who have come together with the aim to create impactful and value-driven software solutions for global customers.


Best Software Company in Surat

A systematic approach to working with fun


Strong Belief

We believe it is better to do a few things well than to do many things badly. We focus on the things that actually matter and take pride in perfecting our work.

Strong Belief

Simplifying Problems

Our ability to solve complex problems in a simple way, and to generate new ideas, is helping us disrupt the market as we offer effective solutions. Our enthusiasm for finding solutions makes us energetic.



We have no robotic workers. Our employees function as multi-taskmasters, from coding a complex algorithm to replying to well-wishers on social media. We all work independently, but when any of us is at a low, we are a team.


Core Values

High quality and reliability are key drivers of our core values. We are committed to constantly improving our products, services, and processes for the benefit of our customers.


Our commitment to innovation enables us to provide solutions to our customers and raise the bar within the workplace and the industry.


We have an uncompromising focus on impact and always strive for excellence. We creatively approach every task and obstacle to find optimum solutions.


We value everyone we work with for their talent, time, and intentions. Every action we take is driven by trust and mutual respect.


We do not fear mistakes, as we do not fear growing. Finding new audacious ways to move forward translates into client satisfaction, product improvement, and self-growth.


We are self-aware, transparent, accountable, responsible, and truthful, and our actions are internally consistent. We do the right thing — even when no one is watching.


We encourage everyone around us to inculcate a positive culture of inclusiveness, where people feel supported and their work has a real impact.


Accomplishments that keep us going






Repeat Clients





Passionate & hard-working

Our Founders


Ovesh Dhanga


A mechanical engineer, 3D printing specialist, Ovesh has worked with Bajaj Auto & Hero MotoCorp for research & development. At EnactOn, Ovesh oversees the business processes, finances, and growth strategies. He has been propelling growth in the business while fostering a culture of integrity, empathy, and ownership.

He brings with him a wealth of corporate business & operation experience and a genuine enthusiasm for exploring all options to discover new efficiencies.


Preetham Chandra


A computer science graduate, Preetham worked with IBM before joining EnactOn Technologies Pvt. Ltd in the year 2013. He leads the technology development, new product architecture design, and scalable product development using innovative technologies.

Apart from being the technology specialist, Preetham knows the ins and outs of affiliate industries that have helped create business-first digital products.

Manish Master
Manish Master
13. September, 2022
EnactOn Technology is one of the best software companies in Surat. EnactOn takes great satisfaction in continually delivering excellent value to all stakeholders, especially our global customers. Our work environment is the same for everyone working here, from employees to top management. We don't promote work-only culture. Our work environment is a perfect blend of all the elements needed for employees' professional and personal growth, from decent payouts to time offs and so on.
Digital Dishant
Digital Dishant
28. August, 2022
Enacton Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the fastest growing IT company in surat and I am really happy to be a part of Enacton team. Nice and friendly work environment. Good company for freshers as well as experienced employees.
nayan sharma
nayan sharma
23. August, 2022
As far as I know, EnactOn is one of the best software development companies for affiliate coupon cashback, with a keen eye for detail, a thorough understanding of the business, and a large customer base spanning 40+ countries. I began my work as a react native and flutter app developer as a newbie and had the opportunity to thoroughly research the technology and sector. I truly appreciate the teamwork, culture, cohesiveness, and motivating leadership team. I'm happy to have selected EnactOn Technologies, a renowned Surat-based mobile app development firm, as my first employer.
Apexmart Workspace
Apexmart Workspace
11. August, 2022
good service
2. August, 2022
How can i apply for job?
prabir mondal
prabir mondal
20. July, 2022
This company deserves 5 star rating.
Paisaking Netventure
Paisaking Netventure
20. July, 2022
Suprb supprt
Sourabh Kadawat
Sourabh Kadawat
17. July, 2022
Great team of Dedicated Professionals !! Thumbs Up.
Amin Saleem
Amin Saleem
16. July, 2022
Have been working with these guys for 8 months no. They provide a sold support structure and a professional service. They have also been supportive with helping us to priorities issue outside of normal working hours.
16. July, 2022
EnactOn is undoubtedly the team of Hard Working and Passionate Professionals. Very Honest and Helpful Staff. Always ready to give their best. Working with them from last 5 months and they never dissatisfied us. Thanks for your services. THUMBS UP ALWAYS !!

Meet our

Heroes behind great products



How it all started

We got lucky. We worked really hard to be lucky though. Before we came together, we all had worked with top-notch corporates and in key roles.

Journey Begins

Founders came together to start a deals aggregation website offering the latest offers, deals and coupons from top online shopping websites.


A platform offering kick-ass deals from across online shopping websites at one place in real-time went live.


Hundreds of online shopping coupons and discounts are listed on this coupon website.


With the coupon API, affiliate marketers can automate the coupon data posting on their websites.

Website Development

Highly scalable and optimized affiliate industry website solution with the latest web technology.

Mobile App Development

Android & iOS app development specific to affiliate industry enabling highly scalable, synchronous, under-one-roof complete solution.

Global Expansion

Making available the robust coupon Datafeed platform and numerous other business solutions to businesses worldwide.


Launched a dedicated portal for affiliate software solution development services along with world-class products and services.


Launched a dedicated tool/widget for nonprofit organizations to raise extra funds on their website. It enables users to donate without actually spending any money from pocket. Users can shop through widgets and donate to support nonprofits.

Expansion & Growth

Moved to new and bigger office, expanded team, served to more clients from different countries.

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