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We remain at the forefront of web technology providing high-quality software development services. Our tech stack includes AI, ML, IoT, blockchain, etc., powering mobile, backend and front-end development. As a full-stack development team, we also provide future tech solutions, including AR/VR, NFT and cybersecurity. We prioritize DevOps and state-of-the-art cloud technologies to deliver optimal development and deployment processes, ensuring a seamless user experience and unmatched performance.

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Mobile App Technologies

Mobile app technology includes various tools, frameworks, libraries and resources to build applications for various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, etc. Popular mobile platforms used today are Android and iOS.

Each technology brings its own set of advantages and capabilities, allowing developers to create highly functional and visually appealing apps.

Whether it’s native app development or cross-platform solutions, mobile app developers leverage these technologies to deliver user-friendly and engaging experiences to millions of users worldwide.

Front-end Technologies

Front-end Technologies

Front-end technologies are responsible for the design, layout, and functionality of web pages and applications, including everything from the color scheme and typography to the buttons, forms, and animations. It also involves ensuring that the website or application is optimized for various devices, browsers, and screen sizes.

Additionally, front-end developers utilize tools like webpack, Babel, and Sass to optimize and streamline the development process. With these front-end technologies, developers can create immersive and user-friendly interfaces that deliver an exceptional user experience across various devices and platforms.

Back-end Technologies

Backend technologies are the gear, frameworks, and languages ​​that developers use to create the server side of web packages or web sites. It makes a speciality of handling facts, enforcing programs in query processing, and shifting dynamic objects ahead. Backend technology enables scalable, stable and optimized web programs by using managing server-side infrastructure, which include databases, servers, and APIs.

Additionally, PHP remains a popular choice for web development, particularly with frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. These backend technologies are often complemented by databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis, which efficiently store and retrieve data.

Full-Stack Technologies

Full-stack technology seek advice from the set of tools and technologies used to develop both the frontend and backend of a web application or internet site. Full-stack technology includes the use of a aggregate of programming languages, frameworks, and libraries for each frontend and backend improvement. This includes languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the frontend, and languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, and Java for the backend.

In addition to the core front-end and back-end technologies, full-stack developers are knowledgeable about databases, API development, security measures, and deployment strategies. Their expertise spans the entire software stack, enabling them to architect and deliver end-to-end solutions that meet both user requirements and business objectives.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies can provide companies with unprecedented power and competitive advantage. EnactOn helps customers avoid hype and choose the best solution for their business. Our advisors optimize the benefits of mature products like AI and emerging technologies like advanced robotics, 5G networks, Quantum computing, and virtual and augmented reality, and connect them to a larger ecosystem of clients to demonstrate the full promise of these technologies.

Additionally, edge computing, 5G connectivity, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and quantum computing are all rapidly evolving technologies that hold immense potential for innovation and disruption. As these emerging technologies continue to advance, they offer exciting opportunities for businesses, governments, and individuals to explore new frontiers and unlock unprecedented possibilities.

DevOps & Cloud Technologies

Enacton offers a wide range of cloud-based technology platforms that help your business grow with excitement and document digital presence with enhanced customer insights. With our cloud and DevOps services, you can accelerate your cloud deployments and workflows, while reducing costs, increasing productivity and shortening release and deployment cycles.

DevOps and cloud technology enable organizations to achieve faster time-to-market, increased agility, improved collaboration, and cost optimization. They empower teams to deliver software more frequently, with higher quality, and with the ability to quickly adapt to changing business requirements.

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Front-end technologies used in website development include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue.js, and others. Back-end technologies include server-side programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, and databases like MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

Some popular front-end technologies for website development include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which form the foundation of web development. Additionally, front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js are widely used to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces.

These frameworks provide pre-built components, efficient rendering, and enhanced functionality. CSS preprocessors like Sass and LESS help in managing and organizing CSS styles. Task runners like Grunt and Gulp, as well as bundlers like Webpack, streamline the development process. These technologies, among others, empower developers to create visually appealing and engaging websites.

Some popular back-end technologies for website development include Python with frameworks like Django or Flask, Node.js with Express.js, Ruby on Rails, Java with Spring, and PHP with frameworks like Laravel or Symfony. These technologies provide robust and efficient solutions for building web applications.

A website is a collection of web pages that are linked together, while a web application is a website that includes more interactive elements and functionality that allow users to perform specific tasks or actions.

According to industry trends and expert opinions, JavaScript is predicted to be the best language for web development in 2024. It’s versatile, supported by popular frameworks and libraries, and has a large community.

Our generation choice system includes numerous key steps: identifying needs and desires, gaining knowledge of and evaluating options, gathering stakeholder remarks, carrying out a evidence of idea or test if we’ve got one for trying out, studying costs and benefits, evaluating dangers, making and implementing selections, and tracking and testing performance

Security technologies include a wide range of tools and systems designed to protect data, networks, and systems from unauthorized access and potential threats Some common types of security technologies include firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection prevention systems (IDPS), virtual private networks (VPNs ), encryption, biometric authentication systems, access control systems; Layered defense including these technologies including security cameras and security code actions work to create, ensure privacy, integrity and availability of information, as well as mitigate risks and vulnerabilities in digital environments various types

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